Fire on the Mountain

Loam will be traveling through Cascadia to perform at a renegade event called Fire on the Mountain. FotM will occur at a hidden location within the Black Hill in Olympia Washington under June’s full moon. Due to the nature of this event, directions will not be made public but will be provided to you via email. We encourage you to attend Fire on the Mountain as experiencing music in the natural world leaves one with a sense of connection and wonder… The intentions are set, the mountain is calling– celebrate with us as the moon casts down its Light.



FOTM 8-5x11


Here is the new release from our friends Urghun from Switzerland! We are excited to announce that Leadeater will be touring the west coast with them in August! Details soon…


Holec, one of our members here at the collective and brother in Leadeater, has made his art prints available to purchase. In regard to his art Holec explains that, …”from any act towards harmony in our lives, any contribution that we make to come closer to salvation will always come from our inner selves and our wish that illuminates our next step in the world that we live in. The source of light is within and from its potency and the individual’s will, it begins to manifest and grow into realities, blossoming from the inner flame that made it be, we see our reflection in its creation as we see our own creator within ourselves.”



Amethyst Falls


We are are honored to bestow the official release of Amethyst Falls’ 2013 self-titled EP on the Orb Weaver collective. This is a limited run of 50 tapes which were assembled by the OWC at the Sanctuary. These cassette tapes are moss stamped with golden paint and housed in plastic cases with a j-card insert.



Here is the new VOIDTRIPPER demonstration recording which is now available on cassette at the link below. This demo is the first glimpse into JW’s meditative melding of  murky electronic vibrations with his spirited blues guitar work and the distant resonance of hauntingly emotive vocals… JW  is also a kindred spirit in the sonic enigma of Leadeater and will begin recording with them in April. Stay on the look out for his future recordings! VOIDTRIPPER’s etheric workings in music are greatly magical and an experience to behold…