Woven Branches: A Musical Benefit for the Yanomami

We are pleased to reveal to you all our newest endeavor, Woven Branches: A Musical Benefit for the Yanomami.

This compilation of songs was curated with the desire to raise awareness to the struggles brought to the Yanomami and Ye’Kwana people of the Amazon through continued colonization. Currently 20,000 gold miners are illegally settled and actively mining in Yanomami territories. Not only are they destroying the rainforest sacred to the Yanomami but also thoughtlessly spreading Covid-19, which is devastating to these Indigenous communities. Like many of the epidemic diseases (Xawara) spread over the last several decades, Covid-19 is non-indigenous and the Yanomami do not have the ability to fight it with the medicines of their forest. They are struggling to obtain the healthcare needed to fight this sickness and are requesting help to not only put pressure on Brazilian officials to withdraw the miners, but to also raise funds in their fight against this disease.

So we offer some new and potent music to you all including sonic offerings from Blood of the Black Owl, Paul “Che oke ten” Wagner, At the Head of the Woods, Loam and MAW. Each one of these carefully crafted songs reflects deep reverence for the natural world. We humbly offer the medicine of our hearts to express solidarity and raise funds in aiding the Yanomami in their advocacy for a home free of colonial disease. From the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, to the rainforests of the Amazon basin, we stand with you.

ALL proceeds from this digital release will be offered to the Miners Out, Covid Out campaign as support to the Yanomami and Ye’kwana!

Please go visit to sign their petition, share their message or to donate directly!


Click on individual tracks for more information.

References and further reading:

Illustration by Kevin Alexandrowicz
Graphics by Loam 

releases December 20, 2020

Special thanks to Adam St. John for the generous donation of over 200 dollars.

825 dollars donated so far.

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