The Wilderness III ‘Rivers’

The Orb Weaver Collective is honored to present our third edition of The Wilderness,  an assemblage of poetic offerings tendered forth with intention to cultivate and nourish communion with nature and with each of our own inner wilds. We thank you, our beloved readers, for holding space for our hearts as we continue to unwind and unfold the intricacies of our unique relationships with ourselves and our dear Mother Earth. Due for release this Winter Solstice, we send up prayers that our words will bring solace in these dark hours, that we may each remember the promise of renewal in the lengthening days to come.

Featuring contributions from: Kendra Hemlock, Monzie Leo, James Martinez, leucanthemum, Ash Sylvester, Sammy Fielding, Kenzie Vande-Meadow, Alex Freilich, ocean, K. Marie, B. Marie and J. Marie.

Also contained within each sealed envelope is a special bookmark illustrated by Tom Boyer and includes information to download a special Yule playlist crafted by ocean. See below.

“From the curator of Yule’s interstitial musics, may this extended playlist accompany you on your vigil in your Covid hovel through the longest night, and your dream sequence through the following day.”

Purchase our newest offering at the link below.

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