The Wilderness II ‘Swimming in the Flames


Under the splendor of the Solstice blaze we reveal to you our latest offering: The Wilderness II ‘Swimming in the Flames’, a collection of writing birthed from the fertile darkness of Spring. Within these pages you will find the written fragmentation of lived initiations, earthen revelries and blessings told by voices near and far, human and non-human. This curation is intended to comfort the weary traveler through this apocalyptic cascade; a deep breath as we dive headfirst into the flames of the unknown. We offer this one time run of our zine printed on parchment for which all profits will be given to the Protectors of the Salish Sea, a group of indigenous warriors leading the fight against the degradation of water, land and sacredness of life here on the shores of the Salish Sea. All copies are hand numbered and orders in Olympia will receive special hand made incense cones blended with lavender and thyme harvested in Cascadia and fir needles and spruce resin from the Green Mountains of Vermont, courtesy of our friend Nolan W.

If you would like a PDF download please click on this link: TheWildernessII

(If you download and are able to contribute, please PayPal a donation to

For a physical copy order here

IMG_3469 (1)

I have provided links to some of our contributor’s other work for those interested in delving deeper into the minds behind ‘Swimming in the Flames’.

Elurka- Poetry and Photography

Leucanthemum- Follow Visions

Leslie Ferras- Amethyst Falls

James Martinez- Leadeater, LoamWith the End in MindFlight of a Green Heron

Marlene Seven Bremner- Artwork

Arnold Schroder- Against the InternetSeek the Light

N.Tz.- Leadeater, Latona Odola

Old Glen- AldglenFlight of a Green Heron

Elm Outcault- Shroud

Michael Korchonoff- AldaWith the End in MindEkstasis

Ocean- Mirror FlowerFearthainne

Special Thanks to blod.häxa, Nolan W. and Kevin Alexandrowitz (cover photo) Art work and Prints

For more info on Protectors of the Salish Sea




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