Apparitions of Red Earth

Created by the Orb Weaver Collective In 2016 as a sonic offering to Cascadian Yule. Recorded in Tahoe with Ancient Owl Audio. 

Apparitions of Red Earth is our final offering and last breathe as a band– a reflection of the forests that nurtured our spirits and revealed to us the roots of all things living. Leadeater was a collective that gathered to revel in verdant dreams and hearken the sacredness of mystery. We performed with a vision to call to the seekers, to share our hearts and be vulnerable to the world with hopes to inspire re-connections to that primordial flame within all life. 

Take this offering, a gift to you all… It is of the forest, of love, of emptiness, growth and of death. 

We want to express immense gratitude to all of you who have supported us, communed with us and held space for our performances over the years. 

New worlds will grow from the ash. 

The voice of one who cries in the wilderness 
From a whisper now harrowing storm 
Twisting cold iron with hands of stone and moss 
Erasing the trace of Man and their dreams 

Natura non contristatur

released February 11, 2019 

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sammy Fielding and Ancient Owl Audio.



FullSizeRender (22).jpg

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